Construction of the Cottage Settlement УGreen CoastФ Is Being Continued in the Kuban Capital

The agreement on the implementation of the project was signed at the International Investment Forum "Sochi-2009".

The project is implemented with the participation of foreign investors from Austria. Construction of the first stage has been already completed. To date, engineering networks are being put into operation. Designing of the bank protection on the right bank of the Kuban River and the Krasnodar Reservoir from the southern edge of the Cossack village of Starokorsunskaya is also being performed.

About 300 cottages of environmentally friendly materials is planned to be built within the project on the land plot of ​​40 thousand square meters. It is assumed that all necessary infrastructures – a shopping center, a kindergarten, a restaurant and a cafe, sports grounds and recreational areas will be created in the village.

The total investment, which is planned to be spent, amounted to one and a half billion rubles. It is expected that the facilities will be fully commissioned in 2018.

Note that as of the 1st January, 2015, 198 large investment projects worth over 100 million rubles with a total amount of over one trillion rubles are at the active stage of implementation in the Krasnodar region. The planned date for their implementation is designed to 2030. Among them, there are nine investment projects involving foreign investors from Austria, Germany, Spain, Norway, Turkey and France, worth about 11.5 billion rubles.

Source - Investment portal of Krasnodar region