Industrial complex is being prepared for comission in the Abinsk district of the Krasnodar region

Agreement on implementation of the project on constructing the complex for disposal of rice husks, electrical generation and silicon and carbon powder production was signed at the International Investment Forum "Sochi-2013".

In early autumn 2015, the company Krasnodar Silicon Dioxide implementing the project plans to start the production in the Cossack village of Kholmskaya, on the territory of Southern Rice Company, LLC. At present time, all major buildings have been constructed and the complex unites, such as structures and platforms for raw materials equipment placement (the equipment for husk reception from the transport, raw materials stock storage, supply of raw materials to the feed bin of the reactor facility), the combustible gas producing unit, unite for power generation and base silicon-carbon powders, and equipment for accurate grinding and packaging of the silicon-carbon powder have been delivered. The start of the pilot plant is also being carried out.

The volume of investment invested in the establishment of production is estimated to be over 116 million rubles. At the designed capacity, the company will annually process 9,000 tons of rice husks and produce 6 million kW*h of electricity and 1,300 tons of silicon-carbon powders. As a result of construction of the facility, the issue of the rice husk disposal will be resolved. The project implementation will resolve the environmental problem of the region on processing the waste of a major rice plant – South Rice Company. At that time, the complex will provide the plant with electricity of its own production.

It should be add that there is no similar production in the Krasnodar region now. The oxide-carbon powder made from the rice husks for the needs of the metallurgy industry is imported from China and India.

Source - Investment portal of Krasnodar region