Krasnodar Region Coped With the Organization of the Biggest Worldwide Famous Tournaments

This assessment was given by the Russian Sports Minister Vitaliy Mutko at the recent meeting of the regional Administration.

Vitaliy Mutko said that the Krasnodar region has done much in recent years to become a leader in the development of sports in our country. According to the press service of the Governor of the region, 90 major facilities have been already built and are in the final stages of the construction: 40 multi-purpose halls, 20 pools, 13 ice arenas, 8 specialized bases and 9 nine football fields. 30 municipal stadiums have been completely renovated. 546 sports playgrounds have been built.

By the way, the first in the region center for training athletes – candidates and members of the Russian team – was opened in Slavyansk-on-Kuban yesterday. The "Olympian" Athletics Arena is a first facility of the future "Slavonic Olympus" Sports Center. It is planning to build an ice palace and a professional swimming pool here over time.

Source - Investment portal of Krasnodar region