Welcome to the Kurganinsk District!

I am glad to welcome you to the investment portal of the Kurganinsk District. This site includes and is constantly updated with all relevant information on opportunities and conditions for investment activities in our district, on investment projects that are being implemented and ready for the implementation, on free investment sites, and on forms and methods of state support for investors.

The Kurganinsk District is a territory where agriculture is developed. Agrarians of the Kurganinsk District consistently receive high yields of grain and industrial crops under any climatic conditions, thanks to the intensification of the production, the introduction of new modern technologies, the renewal of machinery and the development of seed production.

Vegetable growing of closed and open soil, gardening and poultry farming, as well as seed growing of grain and industrial crops actively develop in the district.

The Kurganinsk District has large reserves of gravel, which is suitable for obtaining high-quality crushed stone, and clay and sand reserves in the north-western part of the district.

The presence of favorable natural and climatic conditions and fertile lands, free production areas, and the dynamic development of small and medium-sized enterprises provide the whole favorable conditions for profitable investments in business development.

The Kurganinsk District is ready to consider any mutually beneficial proposals.

Welcome to the Kurganinsk District!

Head of the Municipal Formation Kurganinsk District Vorushilin A.N.